As people start to re-enter the office, you’ll want to take steps to make sure that everyone is protected. One way you can accomplish that is by cleaning and disinfecting your office on a regular basis. But you’ll also want to choose something that works around the clock so that cleaning and disinfecting happens when you aren’t there. That’s where Extreme Microbial Technologies can help. We offer specialized equipment that tackles microbial reduction with ease. Learn about how our equipment makes cleaning and disinfecting your office a breeze.

Quantify and Identify

When you start with Extreme Microbial Technologies, we’ll come to you and evaluate the needs of your space. We’ll use the equipment to measure the total number of microbes in the air and on the surfaces of your space. Once we have the information, we’ll again evaluate the needs of the space and make a decision about the right type of equipment for you. This first step provides the baseline report needed so you can see what level of microbes you have present before the more intensive cleaning and disinfecting starts.

Combat and Reduce

The second step to cleaning and disinfecting your office is combating and reducing germs and microbes. If we detected a large presence of microbes in a certain area, we’ll use our equipment to stabilize the area and prevent a large microbial outbreak in the office. This step helps in cleaning and disinfecting because it’s getting a handle on what’s present in your space and trying to control the spread of microbes in your office. Once the area is stabilized, the initial decontamination phase is taken care of without much work from you or your employees.

Actively Prevent

Once we complete the initial decontamination phase, we move into the containment phase of the cleaning and disinfecting of your office. As we stabilize the area, we install our permanent units to your space. The units can go in your HVAC system or as standalone units. Both installation methods are effective at targeting and killing different types of microbes, which makes your office a safer place. Once the machines are installed, they clean and disinfect the office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s no need to disrupt the workday.

Monitor and Maintain

Finally, the last step in cleaning and disinfecting your office is to monitor and maintain everything. The machines will give you regular reporting of the microbes targeted and killed within a certain period of time. We’ll come out to inspect the equipment on a regular basis to make sure it’s functioning properly. Additionally, we’ll send replacement cells so there’s no downtime with your equipment. That way, your workers stay safe from different types of microbes.

Cleaning and disinfecting your office doesn’t have to be a huge task. With Extreme Microbial Technologies, we make it an even easier task. We want to help businesses, schools, medical facilities, and more institutions have a microbe-free building. If you’re interested in seeing how Extreme Microbial Technologies can help with your space, request more information today.