As schools and universities start their holiday breaks, they have a unique position where they can thoroughly clean the buildings. That same technology can be used in your home to start cleaning for Thanksgiving. With the threat of the influenza virus and other harmful germs on the horizon, it’s crucial that high population spaces are regularly cleaned in order to prevent any outbreaks from happening. As students and other faculty members leave the campus for the first semester, it’s a great time to think about ways to cut down on any microbes lingering on campus. Similarly, if you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your home, we have the solution to cut down on any microbial presence in your home. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we understand the importance of keeping people safe. With our equipment, you can experience a reduction in microbes and other harmful germs.

The Extreme Microbial Technology Process

We have a proven four-step process that cuts down on the number of microbes present in your area in a relatively quick amount of time. Typically, you’ll see a microbial reduction within four to six hours. However, it mostly depends on the needs of the space.

First, we evaluate the needs of your space. One of the ways we do this is by running an initial report. This report shows up the microbial presence in the area, which includes the air and surfaces. We’ll also show you the results of the initial report.

Second, we use our equipment to purify the surrounding area. That will provide you more data to see what type of microbes are present. We can run these tests without any downtime for students or facility, and the ionized hydrogen peroxide gas is completely safe for people, plants, and animals.

Then, we do an installation of our equipment. You have two options on where to place the equipment. You can either put it in the building’s HVAC system or as a standalone unit. Both provide the same level of microbial reduction.

Finally, you’ll receive reports about what is in the area. We’ll inspect the equipment on a semi-annual basis and send replacement cells every 24 months.

What Our Equipment Fights

Because campuses handle thousands of people each day. Think about how many germs each person has. The more you have the ability to fight different germs and microbes, the healthier your campus is.

First, our equipment is 99.93 percent effective against black mold. Next, our equipment is 99 percent effective at fighting the flu virus. Then, our equipment is 96.4 percent effective against strep bacteria. Also, we’ve helped keep food safer for longer with our equipment. For foodborne illness-causing bacteria and spoilage, our equipment is 99.38 percent effective. For those worried about E. coli exposure, our equipment is 98.1 percent effective. Additionally, for those worried about listeria, our equipment is 99.7 percent effective. Our equipment also fights against bacteria-causing staph infections and pneumonia and is 98.5 percent effective. And for those worried about MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant disease, our machines are 99.8 percent effective.

As you start cleaning for Thanksgiving and other holidays, you have ample time to install new equipment to keep them safe. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we have the equipment to do that. With a marked decrease in many types of germs found in classrooms and residence halls, we can ensure that returning students are safe from any type of microbial exposure. If you’re interested in learning more about our equipment, contact us now.