We all know that any health hazard in the home can be a big problem, but did you know harmful mold may be causing serious issues at your workplace and you may not even know it. For the companies that are experiencing these issues, they need to find a safe and proven way to have professional mold removal done as soon as possible to avoid the problem even getting worse. Luckily, Extreme Microbial Technologies has the power to drastically reduce commercial mold problems.

Commercial Mold Issues

Mold is the workplace can become a big problem fast. Commercial mold issues can wreak havoc on your customers, employees, and your business overall. Most of all they can wreak havoc on your profits if not managed correctly. Commercial mold issues can be costly from the standpoint of safety and the cost to manage the problem. Mold issues left to go on long enough without being professional fixed the right way can really be a serious issue for any company.

However, Extreme Microbial Technologies helps. Through our technology, we reduce mold and other harmful presences on a consistent basis. From there, we monitor the situation to ensure microbial presence stays away. Keep your employees, customers, and overall business safe with Extreme Microbial Technologies.

Health Issues

Mold affects people differently. However, continual exposure to mold and other microbes might make you sick. The longer the exposure, the more likely you’ll get sick. Extreme Microbial Technologies works to identify mold and other microbes in the air. Our machines and equipment identify and target germs in the air and on surfaces. In addition to mold identification, our equipment targets the influenza virus, e. coli, and other harmful forms of bacteria. Through this, we work to keep everyone healthy while also keeping your clients safe by eliminating harmful germs. See what a reduction in harmful bacteria does for your business overall with Extreme Microbial Technologies.

Industries Served

Each industry is unique. However, we have solutions to decrease commercial mold issues for various industries. Our proven techniques work across the board. We’ve worked with chicken hatcheries, restaurants, healthcare centers, and more to reduce mold and other harmful germs.

Overall, our products work to identify the areas of mold and microbial growth in your commercial building. Next, we add our machines to area. Within hours, the machines work to combat mold and microbial growth on a permanent basis. Finally, we continually monitor the situation with the machines. During this process, you will receive reports showing you the microbe monitoring from the equipment.

If you’re worried about commercial mold problems, you need to take care of it sooner rather than later. Turn to Extreme Microbial Technologies. We’ll work with you to eliminate mold and other harmful microbes from your office building. Contact us now to start your program now.