Black mold is a serious issue whenever someone finds it inside of a commercial building. Whether black mold is found inside of an office building, school, college dorm, church building, government facility, office building, greenhouse, or a manufacturing plant black mold issues or as many people refer to commercial mold problems must be taken very seriously and addressed immediately.  If you have found black mold in one of these locations and you require commercial mold removal, then here is a 5 Step Commercial Mold Repair Plan you can implement quickly to have your commercial mold issues fixed.

Commercial Mold Repair Plan

Find the Source

First, you need to find and fix the water source. This is the crucial first step. Mold growth thrives in areas with moisture. It doesn’t do your company any good to remove mold from your property and not fix the water source. In order to properly treat mold in your building, we clean up the water source then begin treating the mold.

Update Everyone

Then, you need to keep building occupants informed of the issue, the process being taken, and any safety steps they need to follow. Overall, it’s important to keep building occupants up-to-date on anything related to mold growth in the building. Mold exposure presents a serious health risk to everyone involved. Some signs of mold sickness includes red eyes, breathing problems, wheezing, and headaches. If you or any of your employees inform you of sudden on-set symptoms, it’s important you to contact a reputable company to remove the mold.

Hire a Professional Company

First, you need to hire a professional mold removal company. This company must provide you with a proven and all-encompassing commercial mold solution. Also, it needs to include that inspection, cleaning, monitoring, while also providing future preventative maintenance. Doing this gives you peace of mind regarding the problem. This is where Extreme Microbial Solutions really helps. Our equipment we offer works to sanitize the surrounding air and surfaces to eliminate germs and other harmful microbes. Also, we work with different industries and have helped them decrease microbes while increasing output. Let us help you do the same for your business.

Perform a Self-Assessment

Routinely do self-assessments of the facility and follow the direction of the professionals. We work with you to make sure mold growth doesn’t return. It’s important the mold continues to stay away to increase your company’s output. Our different types of equipment works around the clock to keep mold away.

Let the Equipment Work

Leave the equipment in place to continually sanitize the areas. Everything we suggest is not a one-time fix. You need to make sure the equipment stays in the area to keep sanitizing everything. This includes surfaces and the air. Additionally, our equipment provides reports on microbes removed from the area.

Cut down on black mold presence and other types of harmful microbes with the help of Extreme Microbial Technologies. Through our 5 Step Commercial Mold Removal Plan, we work with you to eliminate and monitor the amount of microbes in your commercial building. If you’re worried about mold growth in your commercial endeavor, contact us now to develop your commercial mold removal plan.