Generally, you’ll do anything you can to keep those you love healthy. One way you can do that is taking the necessary steps to eliminate harmful germs and microbes from your surroundings. When it comes to the food you serve, you know how important it is to cook everything thoroughly to avoid getting sick with a food borne illness. Do you know some of the more common food borne illnesses? Below, we’ll go over how Extreme Microbial Technologies’ equipment works to kill the harmful bacteria that causes food borne illnesses while also discussing some of the more common food borne illnesses.

How Our Equipment Works

At EMT, we have special types of equipment designed for residential and commercial protection from harmful germs and microbes that harm your family. We have a special four-step process that identifies, kills, and routinely purifies the air. We can install the equipment in a specific place or through your HVAC system. Wherever the equipment goes, you know those you care about are protected from harmful germs that threaten them.

E. coli

Some types of E. coli are naturally found in your body. When your body functions properly, E. coli helps aid in digestion. However, different types of E. coli exist. Some types of E. coli may make you sick. When people get sick from E. coli, they get it from contaminated food or water. Practicing food safety helps reduce the likelihood of someone you know getting E. coli. Also, our equipment is 98.1 percent effective at killing E. coli that will make you sick.


Another common food borne illness is listeria. Listeria outbreaks happen when people consume food or water contaminated with listeria. Listeria is tricky because it continues to grow in colder temperatures, so unpasteurized milk and deli meat are two places it can grow. One of the best ways to kill listeria is through proper cooking methods and pasteurization. At EMT, our equipment is 99.7 percent effective at killing listeria bacteria.


Many people have heard of salmonella, as it’s one of the most common food borne illnesses in the country. Salmonella contaminates many different food sources. The best way to avoid it is through proper food safety regulations and following all cooking instructions. Also, washing your hands after dealing with animals can cut down on your exposure. Our equipment is 99.38 percent effective at reducing the occurrence of food borne illness bacteria.


Norovirus is another type of food borne illness many people have heard of. This illness comes from undercooked food, but it also spreads from person-to-person. So, if someone around you eats something contaminated, you may get sick also. Just like with salmonella, our machines are 99.38 percent effective at killing bacteria that causes food borne illnesses.

These common food borne illnesses can strike anytime you undercook food or don’t follow food safety protocols. Keep those you care about protected from foodborne illnesses with the help of Extreme Microbial Technologies. Our special equipment works hard at preventing common food borne illnesses. If you’re looking for microbial protection that works around the clock, contact us now for more information.