Because of the Coronavirus impact, companies are looking to new technologies to help them with the business concerns they are facing. Business requirements may have changed forever for companies post-Coronavirus. One Ohio company is staying the course and providing a solution. The solution is proving it might stand the test of time to become an integral part of the way companies do business in the future and create a safe environment for customers.

A 4-Step Process & Some Key Technology May Be the Answer for Successful Re-Open!

Extreme Microbial Technologies customizes microbial-reducing solutions that allow key industries to see promising results when it comes to solving mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, virus problems. This 4-step process uses cutting-edge technology. The technology the company crafted has stood the test of time frequently.

  1. Quantify & Identify: First, we work with you to identify the amount of microbes in the air and on surfaces in your commercial space.
  2. Combat & Reduce: Next, we introduce our microbe-reducing equipment. The equipment constantly runs in the background to eliminate up to 99% of microbes.
  3. Actively Prevent: Then, our equipment eliminates harmful microbes when it’s first introduced. That’s not all. The equipment continues to monitor microbe levels in the air and on surfaces and actively works to keep levels the same.
  4. Monitor & Maintain: Finally, as the equipment continues to work in the background, it continues to monitor everything currently happening. The equipment also provides reports about the microbial levels in the area.

Additionally, Extreme Microbial Technologies is a Certified Green Company based in Southwest, Ohio. We are a leading provider of services that addresses microbial issues that come up for businesses. For instance, we prevent mold, bacteria, and fungal growth. But, we use technology that may be the answer for many businesses in the years to come.

The Process Works to Keep Your Business Clean and Safe

Our studies show the process kills germs, viruses, mold, bacteria, and fungus. From there, we also prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. The 4 Step process covers all the key areas. Remember, the process starts with identifying the problem. From there, we solve the problem and prevent future ones in the future. Overall, the process focuses on producing a strategy. The results will keep your employees, your customers, and their families safe. Our unique approach creates a highly clean and safe environment from germs people come into contact with daily.

The Key to Re-Open Success

When it’s time to re-open, businesses must show their dedication to safety. Also, they need to show they are taking every measure to ensure their location is clean and safe.  They must be clear that they are doing everything they can to provide an environment that their employees, customers, and family can feel good about being in. An environment that they have invested the thought, the time, the money, and the resources in to get the cleanest and safest location(s).

Finally, if they believe they have done everything right, they must be willing to spread the word that their company is committed to providing its customers the cleanest and safest experience for the re-open.

Post-Coronavirus, businesses must change the way they do things. Turn to a company that understands the importance of reducing harmful microbes in the air and on surfaces. We will work with you to do that and create a safe environment for customers. Contact us now for more information.