Effective Virus and Bacteria Protection for Indoor Environments

  • There are a variety of disease causing viruses and bacteria all around us.Air & surface environmental decontamination
  • Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Gas inactivates bacteria and viruses on contact.
  • Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide gas is safe for people, pets, and plants.
  • Since 2016 Extreme Microbial Technologies has been installing microbial protection equipment across the country.

Coronavirus is just the latest pathogen to gain notoriety but we are exposed to many disease causing microbes on an almost daily basis. These harmful bacteria and viruses can survive up to 7 days on surfaces throughout any indoor environment. Common sense tells us to disinfect in order to prevent them from establishing a foothold, but chemicals offer little to no residual protection. Extreme Microbial Technologies offers a chemical free, safe and most importantly, ongoing, solution to the problem: Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Gas.

Bacteria and viruses are inactivated when Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Gas comes into contact with them by essentially rupturing the outer protective cell walls or protective protein coats. Multiple tests have shown reduction rates up to 99% on a variety of harmful pathogens. Randy Mount, CEO, states “Our technology runs continually 24/7 to flood an indoor space with safe but effective ionized hydrogen peroxide gas. We can install in virtually any indoor environment either in an HVAC system or with simply wall mounted units. Although we have not been able to test our Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Gas directly on the coronavirus, the basic structure of the virus is not unique. We would expect the same level of results as we achieve on other viruses and bacteria.”

One of the reasons we seem to be battling pathogens repeatedly is that modern buildings come with a trade-off. Randy summarizes this problem as “Unfortunately, all of the energy-efficient buildings we work and live in often times become microbial incubators. We have sealed the buildings so well that we have created near perfect conditions for disease causing microbes to flourish. Our mission is to clear as many buildings of these invaders as possible so that the occupants are healthier.”

Dayton based Extreme Microbial Technologies was formed to help protect people from microbial contamination in any indoor
environment. Since 2016 we have helped a variety of businesses and consumers across the country reduce the dangers of
illness caused by bacteria, viruses, molds and mildew in offices, production facilities, schools, restaurants, homes and more, as
well as helping indoor growers protect plants and finished goods. To learn more about our 4-Step Total Solution and the
chemical free technologies we use, please visit our website at www.extrememicrobial.com.
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