Extreme Microbial Technologies is now Certified “Organic”

  • Washington State Department of Agriculture certifies HEX-GROW as Organic.
  • Organic Certified System to reduce microbial contaminantsHEX-GROW was designed for placement into greenhouses and indoor grow facilities.
  • Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Gas reduces molds, mildews, bacteria and VOCs.
  • Safe for all plants, people and pets.

Extreme Microbial Technologies is proud to announce the HEX-GROW is in compliance with Washington State Department of Agriculture  (WSDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic regulations and is now included on the WSDA Organic Input Materials List.

The HEX-GROW is designed and engineered to manage potentially harmful contaminants such as mold, fungus, mildew, VOCs and other  contaminants in indoor greenhouses, organic farms and other food processing facilities. HEW-GROW units can provide significant cost savings by reducing the need for chemical intervention and reducing post-harvest spoilage.

HEX-GROW units emit safe and effective Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Gas continually into the environment. The gas is distributed throughout the grow space where it actively seeks out and destroys pathogens where they live. Randy Mount, CEO, states “Unlike many other types of microbial protection methods available, out technology does not rely on the contaminants being drawn into a filter, chemical or light device. It is important to meet the challenges of contamination in the grow space itself at the plant level and not just inside a device. We are proud to be certified organic by the WSDA.”

Dayton based Extreme Microbial Technologies was formed to help protect people and plants from microbial contamination in
any indoor environment. Since 2016 we have helped a variety of businesses and consumers across the country reduce the
dangers of illness caused by bacteria, viruses, molds and mildew in offices, production facilities, schools, restaurants, homes
and more, as well as helping indoor growers protect plants and finished goods. To learn more about our 4-Step Total Solution
and the chemical free technologies we use, please visit our website at www.extrememicrobial.com.
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