When an environment has too many microbes, it causes problems that lead to illness. However, at times, microbial presence isn’t a big deal. In fact, your body needs certain types of microbes in order to function properly. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we help you kill harmful microbes in the air and on surfaces of your home or office. However, we work to make sure any type of microbe your body needs doesn’t get eliminated, which may cause you to get sicker. Below, we’ll go over some of the good microbes your body needs to function properly.

How They Help Your Body

When your body functions properly, the good kind of microbes work together with your bodily system to make sure everything stays healthy. For instance, a lot of the microbes your body needs help with digestion. Many of these microbes help to digest your food while some also control the way your body absorbs the food.

Sometimes, the microbes present in your body hurt or help you. For example, you need E. coli in your digestive tract to help with food digestion. However, when your body has too much E. coli, you get sick. Another example is staph. Staph naturally exists everywhere on your body and acts as a safe guard to prevent bad microbes from entering your body. However, if you get a cut on your skin, staph may get into the wound, causing a staph infection.

Overall, your body tends to have many different types of microbes in your body at once. In fact, an article from the National Institutes of Health notes that the good microbes in your body outnumbers the number of cells in your body.

Types of Good Microbes

The good microbes on and in your body help keep you healthy. These microbes come from many different sources and have different functions. If you incorporate some of these microbes into your diet, you ensure a healthier you. Lactic acid, yeast, and probiotics all work in different ways to contribute to the good microbes in your body. Many types of foods contain these good microbes, so incorporating them into your diet helps you stay healthy.

Ways to Keep Healthy Microbes

First off, do not ask your doctor for an antibiotic if you don’t have a bacterial infection or sickness. Antibiotics only work on killing bacteria, not viruses. Taking unnecessary antibiotics kills bacteria, but it also gets rid of other things you need. Also, it increases the likelihood of antibiotic resistance. Next, you’ll want to wash your hands more often than you use hand sanitizer. Hand washing is always the better choice.

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t be exposed to harmful microbes that get you sick. Unfortunately, that world doesn’t exist. In the meantime, you want to take as many steps to protect you and your family from microbial exposure. Turn to Extreme Microbial Technologies. Our proven equipment works to reduce the occurrence of many different microbes that get you and your family sick. If you need microbial reduction in your home or office, contact us today.