If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that your workplace must be clean. While you think you have a solid cleaning plan, you may not tackle all the harmful microbes in the workplace. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we have special equipment that eliminates and monitors and prevents future microbe growth. Below, we’ll break down some of the harmful microbes in the workplace and how our equipment works to remove them.

Our Equipment

We offer many different types of equipment designed to sanitize your workplace’s surface and air. The machines continually work to cut down on harmful microbes present. After air and surface purification, the equipment keeps working to prevent further growth while providing you information on the microbes found.

Black Mold

Black mold causes serious health problems for you and your staff. Those health problems increase in certain populations of people, such as those with allergies. EMT’s equipment is 99.93 percent effective at removing black mold from the air and surfaces around you.

Flu Virus

The flu virus affects many people each year. If the flu rips through office, you lose valuable work time because of employee sickness. However, EMT helps reduce the microbes that cause the flu virus. Our equipment is 99 percent effective at removing the flu virus.


Strep is a highly contagious microbe. Different people experience different symptoms related to strep exposure. Instead of worrying about a strep outbreak in your office, turn to EMT’s equipment. Our equipment is 96.4 percent effective at removing strep microbes.

Food-Borne Illness

Food-borne illness ruins plenty of food and company reputations. After all, it takes companies years to get past food-borne illness outbreaks. Reduce that risk with EMT. Our equipment is 99.38 percent effective at removing bacteria that causes food-borne illnesses.

E. coli and Listeria

Two of the more common food-borne illnesses include E. coli and listeria. Both occur when you eat undercooked meat and drink unpasteurized juice or milk. Sometimes, it also comes from unwashed fruits and vegetables. EMT’s equipment is 98.1 percent effective against E. coli microbes. As for listeria, our equipment is 99.7 percent effective at fighting listeria microbes in the air and on surfaces.

Staph and Pneumonia

No one wants a staph infection or pneumonia. Sometimes, doctors have trouble treating both because of antibiotic resistance. Cut down on those harmful microbes in your workplace with the help of EMT. Our equipment is 98.5 percent effective against the bacteria that cause both sicknesses.


Speaking of antibiotic resistance, MRSA is a form of staph resistant to antibiotics. EMT can help reduce your chances of contracting MRSA. Our equipment is 99.8 percent effective at killing the microbes that cause MRSA.

You want your employees to safe on the job. Part of staying safe includes cutting down on germ exposure. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we take that seriously. By introducing special equipment, we make sure you don’t have harmful microbes in the workplace. If you want to cut down on microbial exposure in the workplace, contact Extreme Microbial Technologies now.