If there’s one place that needs to make sure germs aren’t spread, it’s healthcare facilities. These facilities see many different people each day. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, these facilities needed ways to reduce the number of germs present. With the current pandemic, that need became even greater. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we understand the need to minimize microbial spread in your healthcare facility. That’s why we take healthcare sanitation seriously. Our four-step process helps to reduce the presence of microbes in the air and on surfaces, thus keeping everyone in your facility safe.

What You’re Protected Against

Our equipment protects against many different types microbes that make you and others around you sick. We’ve put our equipment through trials to test their efficacy and know that they work.

Overall, our equipment targets and destroys eight different microbes that affect everyone. For healthcare facilities, we know our devices work to destroy the flu virus, bacteria that causes pneumonia and staph infections, strep bacteria, and MRSA, which is an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The System

First, we measure the total number of germs present in your environment. This includes any microbes present on surfaces and in the air of the your healthcare center. We’ll show you the initial data our machines provide, which shows you a before and after comparison.

Next, we perform a thorough cleaning with our equipment. Again, the machine provides data for you to see how well it works. Your healthcare center will stay open and patients can come and go the same as before.

Then, we install the equipment. Once the equipment is installed, it starts working immediately. Just like in step two, there’s no downtime associated with the installation and operations stay as normal as possible.

Finally, the equipment continuously sanitizes and purifies the space. Periodically, you’ll receive reports on the type of microbes destroyed. Every two years, we’ll perform routine maintenance and send you replacement filters.

Types of Equipment

For healthcare centers, we recommend three different types of equipment: Pro™, HVAC™, and Zone™.

Pro™ is the piece of equipment we recommend most for healthcare centers. Whether you’re an office, hospital, rehab center, or nursing home, this is the machine that will work best for you. The equipment sanitizes the air around you and any surfaces, reducing the appearance of many different types of microbes.

Additionally, we offer HVAC unites. We install the HVAC™ equipment in your building’s HVAC unit. From there, it works to eliminate any microbes and distributes the cleaning power into other places.

Finally, Zone™, like our other machines, work to eliminate microbes in the air and on surfaces. These protect your office workers and anyone who visits your office from germs people bring in and microbes that linger after people leave.

Healthcare sanitation is important, with or without a pandemic. Keeping your patients safe from many different microbes should be one of your top priorities. With Extreme Microbial Technologies’ healthcare sanitation solutions, we help eliminate many different microbes your patients bring into your facility. If you’re interested in setting up any of our machines, contact us now.