Poisonous industrial smoke, jam-packed traffic – these are a few things that pop up in people’s heads when someone mentions air pollution. However, did you ever think about indoor air quality? Is your commercial space’s indoor quality better than the outside? Indoor air pollutants come from a variety of sources, including viruses, bacteria, and mold. So, considering all of this, indoor air quality can be just as bad as the outdoors. However, you need not worry! With the help of some preventative measures and basic knowledge, you can take steps to improve your indoor air quality. So, on that note, learn how you can improve indoor air quality as a whole.

Invest in a High-Quality Air Purifier

Installing an air purifier inside your living space can help tackle bad indoor odors and improve overall indoor air quality. However, to take things to the next level, consider installing multiple air purifiers inside frequently used rooms such as your living room, bathroom, and kitchen to help clean out contaminated air.

At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we offer HVAC air purifiers that are the perfect solution for homes and commercial spaces across the country. Our HVAC air purifiers help to reduce microbial presence in the air and on surfaces while improving your indoor air quality.

Find a Solution with Active Technology

When it comes to improving the indoor air quality of your commercial space, you want to make sure that it uses active technology. Many types of solutions use passive technology. While it can help eliminate some of the harmful particles from your space, it doesn’t work as well as using an active technology. When you work with us, we’ll install technology systems that actively seek out harmful microbes and particles that could make your employees and visitors sick.

Find Solutions that Tackle Tough Problems

Our solutions are proven tough on microbes and other particles while they are safe for people, pets, processes, and plants that may be present in your workspace. Additionally, they have been scientifically tested to reduce a variety of microbes and particles that make people sick, including:

  • Mold presence
  • The virus that causes COVID-19
  • H1N1
  • And more

Find Solutions that Work for Multiple Industries

When it comes to improving indoor air quality, you want to make sure it’s going to work for a variety of industries. That way, you know it helps to combat the microbial presence affecting your business. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we developed custom air quality solutions for a variety of industries, including:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Athletic facilities
  • Indoor grow facilities

How can you improve indoor air quality in your office? The best way to do so is by getting in touch with Extreme Microbial Technologies. We have systems ready for your commercial space, including hotels, restaurants, athletic facilities, schools, and more. Our systems use active technology and reduces microbes and harmful particles on surfaces and in the air in your location. Start today. Contact Extreme Microbial Technologies and utilize our surface and air purification solutions if you want professional air quality improvement services.