Now that we’ve experienced the pandemic and all the disruptions it caused to lifestyles and work, it’s a good time to learn how to purify air and surfaces to keep you and your employees safe. One of the most effective ways to minimize the risk of infection is to learn how to purify air and surfaces and set up a solid air purification system indoors.

Allow for Natural Ventilation

With favorable outdoor conditions and proper building design, natural ventilation can be highly effective in decontaminating indoor air and surfaces. However, wind currents may not necessarily be conducive to good air exchange in buildings and windows mostly remain closed in extreme weather conditions.

Use Portable Air Cleaners

Today, a wide range of air purifying devices are available that vary in performance and price. They typically comprise of a box with air filters and a blower or fan, relying on sophisticated technologies like our active hydrogen peroxide plasma for inactivating pathogens or trapping particles present in the air.

The efficacy of these room cleaners is determined by the rate at which air is processed in relation to the volume of the room, and the flow patterns produced by them in a room, indicating their ability to process most of the air present in an indoor space.

Develop a Routine for Surface Cleaning

Just as practice makes perfect in every other process, the same applies to surface cleaning. We recommend developing a consistent cleaning routine and sticking to it. Clean the surfaces based on how often you and others use them.

For example, you should clean high-touch surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, microwave, and refrigerator handles, and TV remotes once a day. While you can wipe wooden floors once a week, you should clean the carpet daily through sweeping and vacuuming. While our technology targets air and surfaces, it’s always a good idea to clean some commonly touched surfaces on a regular basis.

Develop a Surface Cleaning Pattern

When carrying out surface cleaning, begin with the cleanest surfaces and then move to the dirtiest ones. This pattern minimizes the spread of germs, VOCs, mold, and more. Once you’ve cleaned the surfaces, dry them properly. This also helps reduce the chances of bacteria spreading.

Keeping your indoor air and surfaces clean does more than just make sure your property stays immaculate. It ensures that you and your employees breathe in a healthy environment. Additionally, you know that everyone has protection against germs and bacteria.

Now that you have learned how to purify air and surfaces, invest in high-quality air purifying and surface cleaning technology. Reach out to Extreme Microbial Technologies. Our air purification systems make your indoor spaces healthier and safer. They have been tested to eliminate COVID-19 and other dangerous infections by almost 100%. To learn more, request more information today.