Whether you produce crops or consume crops, you want them to last as long as possible. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we can help. In general, crops last a certain amount of time before they go bad due to mold and other microbes. For a long time, nothing increase the shelf life of many products. However, Extreme Microbial Technologies can help. Some of our pieces of equipment work to increase the shelf life of your produce and meats.

Quantify and Identify

The first step to increase the shelf life of your products is to quantify and identify the types of microbes present in the area. We measure the microbes in the air and on surfaces surrounding the products, giving you a complete picture of what’s in the area. Once we have a general idea of what’s present in the area, we consider the needs of the space. Different companies need different kinds of equipment. That’s why we offer different kinds to best suit your needs. Finally, we provide you with reports and begin to set up the equipment.

Combat and Reduce

The second step to increase the shelf life of your products is to combat and reduce. In this step, we clean and purify the requested areas with our equipment. Periodically, you’ll receive reports from the equipment that details the microbial reduction process. One of the advantages of this stage is that it requires no downtime for your company. You continue on with your day as the machines work in the background. Finally, the machines work to reduce the number of microbes present, especially those that cause outbreaks.

Actively Prevent

The third step to increase the shelf life of your products is to prevent any additional outbreaks. Our equipment works to reduce the potential for future outbreaks around the clock. That gives you peace of mind that you can sell more products. With the equipment you have two options: standalone machines or machines that go in your HVAC system. Your space’s needs will determine which type of machine you receive. Regardless of the equipment you receive, you know your space is protected constantly and working to reduce any harmful microbes growing.

Monitor and Maintain

Finally, the last step to increase the shelf life of your products is continual monitoring and maintenance. Our equipment always works, so you don’t need to worry about an outbreak happening. If you want further reassurance that the machines work, they provide you reports that detail the types of microbes and other organisms killed. With each pieces of equipment, you get twice a year maintenance and the cells get replaced every two years.

When you work to increase the shelf life of your products, you ensure consumers get to use the products longer while working to decrease the number of microbes that stay on the products. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we understand the need to reduce the number of microbes on products. That’s why our equipment works to reduce many of the common microbes that make people sick. If you’re interested in any of our equipment, contact us now for more information.