When your livelihood depends on the number of crops you sell, you’ll do anything to keep them healthy for as long as possible. Depending on the weather, you may only have a select time when your product grows. For others, you may grow too much of your product without knowing if you’ll sell it all. However, your ultimate goal is to sell as much of what you produced. With Extreme Microbial Technologies, we can help prolong the life of your produce to help it stay viable for longer, ultimately helping you increase your crop yield.

Cut Down on Microbes

With our equipment, you’ll notice a drastic decrease in microbial presence. For our grow solutions, we combat mold, mildew, fungus, and other microbes that ruin your crop output. Because of the decrease in these microbes and annoyances, you’ll notice crops have a longer shelf life than those without any type of intervention.

Better Quality of Crops

In addition to an increased shelf life of produce and other crops, our technology and equipment helps to improve the quality of the crops. Better quality crops help you in two ways. First, it means buyers know your produce and other crops are quality products, which may help increase your sales. It also means you could get more money because the quality of product increased.

Continuous Results

Our equipment works in four distinct phases to find the problem, fix the problem, and continuously provide a solution for your grow company.

First, we quantify and identify what’s going on in your greenhouse or other grow area. Our equipment measure microbial levels in the air and on surfaces, giving you a complete picture of what’s growing with your crops that shouldn’t be there. From there, we evaluate the needs of the space. Then, we provide sampling reports to you so you can see the progress.

Secondly, we combat and reduce any microbial growth in your grow areas. Once we set up our equipment, it starts working immediately to reduce the number of microbes present. This results in an increased crop yield for you.

Thirdly, we install purification devices to give you extra peace of mind that the problem will go away. Because of the grow location, we’ll typically use standalone equipment instead of ones that go in an HVAC system. Overall, you’ll have 24/7 protection.

Finally, our equipment continually measures for microbial presence in the area. Again, the equipment sanitizes the air and surfaces. You’ll receive reports about the microbes destroyed, and we’ll inspect the equipment and provide replacement cells every two years.

In order to increase your crop yield, you need to take all the possible steps to ensure that possibility. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we understand that need. That’s why we have different types of equipment designed to prolong the shelf life of your crops. We’ve helped many different types of growers keep their products fresher for longer periods of time. If you’re interested in learning more about our equipment, contact Extreme Microbial Technologies now.