At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we understand that cleaning and disinfecting is a top priority in people’s lives right now. Our team works with a variety of industries to help maintain low levels of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes that threaten to make people sick. If you’ve wondered whether our equipment can help keep those around you safe, the answer is yes. By using our specialized equipment, the industries we’ve helped have kept workers and families safe from germs and microbes that make them sick. Our equipment is safe for people, pets, and plants to be around.

How It Works

We have a four-step process that drastically cuts down on microbial presence in your space. First, we measure the total number of pathogens in the air. This measurement includes germs found on surfaces and in the air. From there, we take in the needs of your space and make our recommendations.

Next, we begin the installation of our equipment, and the equipment purifies the air. This is done without any interruption to your business or family. We can install the equipment in your HVAC system or as a standalone unit. Once we’ve installed the units, you’ll receive regular reports on the microbes found in your space. We’ll send replacement cells every two years and inspect the units on a semi-annual basis.


Restaurants have many people who come in and out of their building each day. They need to keep their patrons safe from any germs that may spread from person to person. We’ve helped many restaurants by installing our units. Additionally, all restaurants have some kind of food they sell to people. Our equipment can also help in keeping the food fresher for longer periods of time without spoilage that may make people sick.

Healthcare Facilities

When people are sick, they go to the doctor. That means there’s a lot of germs floating around the office. Our units tackle many different types of germs, including some bacteria and viruses, that make people sick. We’ve helped many healthcare facilities cutdown on exposing patients to additional microbes that could make them sicker.


Next to healthcare facilities, schools may also carry many different types of germs. When your child is around germs, it makes them sick. Even with distancing in place at schools, your child may still pick up germs from their classmates. We’ve helped schools by installing our equipment to cut down on microbial presence.

As the winter months force more people in closer quarters, you have many different options for keeping safe from germs and microbes. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we understand the need to keep your environment as germ-free as possible. That’s why we work with you to install our equipment that drastically cuts down on microbe presence in your home or office. The industries we’ve helped have seen a decrease in microbial presence with the help of our machines. If you’re interested in learning more about Extreme Microbial Technologies, request more information today.