As you consider reopening the office? You’ll want to take steps to make sure the office is ready for people. But once you’ve made the office a place that has a microbial reduction plan, you’ll want to consider keeping employees safe in the workplace. Keeping employees safe in the workplace goes hand in hand with reopening the office. If you’re looking for a comprehensive plan for keeping employees safe in the workplace, Extreme Microbial Technologies can help. We have equipment and a proven process that keeps the workplace a safe place for everyone in the office.

Have a Plan in Place

As you open the office, you want to have a plan in place. In fact, you’ll probably want to have multiple plans in place. You’ll want to make sure everything is covered when it comes to reopening the office. The more detail you put into the plans, the less confusion there will be for your employees.

When you choose Extreme Microbial Technologies, you get proven treatments that stabilize your environment and help minimize the chance of a microbial outbreak in the office. Our equipment targets many different types of germs and has helped many different industries keep their employees safe. Our four step process gives you peace of mind that your workplace won’t have outbreaks that make people sick.

Regularly Clean and Disinfect the Office

In order to keep employees safe, you’ll want to make sure your space is regularly cleaned and disinfected. When you partner with Extreme Microbial Technologies, you’ll have access to our equipment that runs consistently in the background. That will help in cutting down in the amount of cleaning and disinfecting you’ll have to do overall. However, it’s still important that you maintain some kind of cleaning and disinfecting routine in addition to the work our machines do. While people may not want to be the one in charge of cleaning the office, you’ll want to stress to employees that having a clean and disinfected office makes everyone safer in the long run.

Develop Clear Protocols and Policies

Finally, you’ll want to develop clear protocols and policies for the workplace. While every business will have a different protocols and policies, there are some common ones that you can institute. For instance, you’ll definitely want to institute a work from home policy if someone is under the weather. This is a good policy to keep even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over because it lessens the chance that other employees would get sick. Also, you may want to consider staggering employee start times so there’s not a large rush of people entering your building at the same time.

Reopening the office has a lot of steps to make it a success. Extreme Microbial Technologies is ready to help in the process. If you’re looking for a company that has the ability to stabilize your workplace, our equipment targets many different types of microbes. Contact us today to request more information on the Extreme Microbial Technologies programs.