You’ll do anything to keep your family members safe from germs and microbes. That’s why you teach them to wash their hands when they’re younger. Typically, you come into contact with many different people during the day. That puts you at a high risk of coming into contact with different kinds of bacteria and germs. When it comes to keeping family members safe, you have options. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we offer decontamination and containment services that help in keeping family members safe from germs and other microbes.

The Process

Overall, the equipment we use helps to quantify and identify, combat and reduce, actively prevent, and monitor and maintain the area the equipment is in. When we install the equipment, we can put it in a corner to do its work or install it inside your HVAC system. Either way, your family stays protected from germs and other harmful microbes.

First, we quantify and identify the space. We measure the total number of pathogens present on surfaces and in the air. While this is going on, we also look at the needs of the space to make the best decision on the right type of equipment for you.

Second, we combat and reduce the presence of microbes in the area. This is when we install the equipment without any downtime for your family. With the equipment in place, the chance of an outbreak decreases.

Third, once we install the equipment, it quickly starts working to prevent microbial growth. With the equipment, you know you’re protected 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Finally, the equipment continuously works to prevent outbreaks from specific types of microbes. You’ll receive reports from the equipment detailing what was done to prevent outbreaks. At EMT, we inspect the equipment on a semi-annual basis and replace the cells every two years so you know the equipment works when you need it most.

What You’re Protected Against

Our equipment works hard to remove any harmful microbes from hurting your family. Typically, our equipment helps to reduce mold and many different types of bacteria that harms your family.

First, our equipment is 99.93 percent effective against black mold. Next, our equipment is 99 percent effective at fighting the flu virus. Then, our equipment is 96.4 percent effective against strep bacteria. Also, we’ve helped many families and businesses keep their food safer for longer with our equipment. For food borne illness-causing bacteria and spoilage, our equipment is 99.38 percent effective. For those worried about E. coli exposure, our equipment is 98.1 percent effective. Additionally, for those worried about listeria, our equipment is 99.7 percent effective. Our equipment also fights against bacteria-causing staph infections and pneumonia and is 98.5 percent effective. And for those worried about MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant disease, our machines are 99.8 percent effective.

Keeping family members safe is one of your top priorities. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, you have the ability to decontaminate and contain microbes in your home with our special equipment. Through our four-step process, you work at keeping your family safe. If you’re looking for continuous microbial protection, contact us now.