When it comes to keeping your employees safe from germs, you have a lot of options to take. All in all, regular cleaning and disinfecting of your space will help with microbial reduction. But you may not have the time to regularly clean your space. If you’re looking to keep your space free from microbes, we can help. Extreme Microbial Technologies offers microbial cleaning solutions designed to reduce the number of microbes present and stop microbes from thriving in your space. We’ve helped businesses, healthcare facilities, schools and universities, and more from microbial growth.

Have a Customized Plan

No two buildings have the same needs when it comes to fighting microbes. In order to effectively fight microbes in your space, you’ll need to have a customized plan on your side. Extreme Microbial Technologies creates custom microbial cleaning solutions depending on the needs of your space. Our four-step plan has been the basis of everyone’s microbial cleaning solutions. Our four-step plan focuses on identification of microbes, combating and reducing microbes, preventing microbial growth, and constant monitoring of monitoring. While our four-step process is the same for everyone, the way we implement the plan is where we customize everything. When you have a customized plan, you know your space stays clean for microbes specifically found in your building.

Know What You’re Protected Against

When choosing your microbial cleaning solutions, you want to make sure you’re protected against a wide range of microbial growth. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, our equipment protects you and your employees against different types of harmful bacteria, viruses, VOC’s, and mold. And not only does our equipment work to keep people safe from harmful germs; it also helps to purify the air. Having better air quality can help in keeping you and your employees healthy. When it’s coupled with less microbes present on common surfaces and in the air of your building, you’re taking steps to keep employees safe and develop sensible microbial cleaning solutions.

Choose Equipment Safe for Everyone

As we mentioned above, our equipment helps to purify the air. It does this through the gas that the  equipment releases. The ionized hydrogen peroxide is safe for people, plants, and pets to breath in, as the chemical compound is not much different than water. That’s what is so great about our equipment. It starts working immediately and doesn’t have to stop the workday in order to be installed and to run. We have what you’re looking for if you need microbial cleaning solutions that are tough on germs and microbes but safe for people to be around.

Need microbial cleaning solutions for your commercial space? We’ve helped offices and other commercial spaces keep their space free from microbes. If you’re looking for ways to keep your building to have a reduction in microbes present, we can help. We’ve helped a variety of businesses thrive by cutting down on microbes present on surfaces and in the air. Want to learn more about microbial reduction? Request more information today.