Different spaces have different needs when it comes to microbial reduction. For some, it may be hard to tailor a plan that encompasses all your needs. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we understand how different places need specific ways to combat microbial growth in order to keep employees and products safe. That’s why we’ve tested our equipment in a variety of places for their efficacy. In fact, many different industries benefit from our microbial reduction equipment. Below, we’ll go over some of the industries and places we combat microbes and discuss how our equipment works.

Healthcare Solutions

If any place needs microbial reduction, it’s healthcare centers. Healthcare centers need constant microbial monitoring because of the number of people they see each day. When healthy people go in for a regular checkup, they don’t want to catch an illness from the last person there. They want to stay healthy. Our equipment continuously monitors all surfaces and the air to cut down on the number of harmful microbes present. With EMT’s equipment, you get complete peace of mind that your healthcare center works to eliminate all harmful microbes present.


We have the power to cut down on respiratory problems for newly-hatched baby chicks. Our hatchery solutions have helped prolong the lives of baby chicks, which in turn helps you. When contaminants like mold and bacteria invade the space, it’s harder for the chicks to adapt. Before our technology, many hatcheries had to deal with high loss levels. However, our technology has reduced the presence of many of the contaminants in the environment; thus, hatcheries benefit from our technologies. We offer different types of equipment designed to suit your needs.

Indoor Growing

In order for your greenhouse to successfully produce crops, you need to make sure the environment is free of harmful microbes. Mold and other types of fungus work against you in growing healthy crops. Instead of having to deal with subpar crops, turn to Extreme Microbial Technologies. Our equipment effectively gets rid of bacteria from the surrounding areas. Additionally, our technology reduces mold by up to 99.93 percent. With the technology in place, we’ve helped many different indoor growing companies maintain their crop yield while cutting down on mold and other harmful elements to their crops.

Overall Decontamination and Containment

Besides these industries, we’ve helped many homes and office buildings reduce the number of microbes present. Our equipment works to reduce many different types of microbes that may harm your family or your employees. Whether it’s microbes from food to germs that cause antibiotic-resistant illnesses, we want to help you lead a life with less threats present. Our continuous monitoring makes sure your family stays healthy and avoids microbes that lead to many different illnesses.


Schools typically have high rates of germs present. Because of how many kids are present and in close contact, it’s easy for microbes to spread from person to person. With our equipment, we help to reduce the occurrence of many types of common illnesses. Let us show you what Extreme Microbial Technologies can do for you!

Extreme Microbial Technologies understands the importance of protecting people and products. That’s why our equipment works continuously to monitor microbial levels and sanitize the air and surfaces to prevent additional growth. If you think your home or office will benefit from constant microbial reduction, contact us now.