When it comes to microbial reduction, you probably take many different steps to keep you, your family, and your employees safe. While the steps you take matter to keep others around you safe, you may not do enough. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we’ve found some common places and industries that tend to hold onto germs. We want to work with you to reduce microbes in germy places. Below, we’ve compiled some of those places and industries while also providing the best practices to thoroughly clean and sanitize them to prevent more microbial growth.

Healthcare Centers

Healthcare centers, whether primary care physician offices, hospitals, or urgent cares, sees hundreds of patients each day. Regardless of the reason a person goes to those places, they still carry many types of germs and microbes on them. When they leave, some of those germs stick around. But with our equipment, we reduce the number present on surfaces and in the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By reducing the number of microbes in healthcare centers, it leads to a healthier area for everyone who goes there.


Whether it’s your home or office, bathrooms tend to be areas that aren’t very clean. Depending on the number of people who use the restrooms, many different kinds of microbes may be present. You do your best to stay on top of cleaning on a regular basis, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Instead, turn to Extreme Microbial Technologies’ special equipment. The equipment targets many different kinds of microbes that cause various illnesses. With consistent usage, you don’t need to worry about restroom germs anymore.


Many people worry about going back to restaurants, even with some of the restrictions lifted or relaxed. If people know that certain restaurants had continuous microbial reduction happening, they’d possibly be more open to returning to restaurants. That’s what Extreme Microbial Technologies can help with. Whether it’s equipment that stays in fridges to reduce microbes or pieces of equipment on the restaurant dining areas, restaurant owners have many different ways to protect their customer base.

Food Processing Centers

Unfortunately, food tends to hold on to microbes in the different ways. This is especially true for foods that need consumed within a certain period of time. In order to successfully get their food out to the public, food processing centers and other producers need ways to reduce the number of microbes while increasing their shelf life. Extreme Microbial Technologies has equipment that can help. And since you need all the space you can get, rest assured that the equipment can be standalone or installed in your HVAC system to maximize your space.

Keeping those around you safe matters, especially in a post-coronavirus world. Reducing microbes in germy places is one of those ways to keep others safe. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, our equipment can help with doing that. We work with you to find solutions that work. Through continuous monitoring with no interruption, you know everyone around you is staying safe. Request more information on the Extreme Microbial Technologies equipment and contact us now.