Did you know nearly 22 million school days are lost each year due to the common cold? How about the fact that around 38 million school days are lost each year due to influenza? So the data is clear, schools have a lot of germs floating around. This has a lot of negative impact on the schools themselves, the teachers, and the students, between lost budget from teachers being sick, to the fact that students that miss school often are 7x more likely to drop out. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With microbial prevention, reduction, and decontamination schools can greatly reduce sickness. So read on and learn about the importance of microbial reduction for schools and how we can help at Extreme Microbial Technologies.

The Microbial Hotspots In Schools

The typical microbial hotspots in schools are where the most germs spread and the largest amount of illness stems from. Here’s a few examples:

  • Water fountain spigot: 2,700,000 bacteria per inch
  • Cafeteria tray: 33,800 bacteria per inch
  • Cold water faucet: 32,000 bacteria per inch
  • Cafeteria plate: 15,000 bacteria per inch
  • Computer keyboard: 3,300 bacteria per inch

Passive Technology vs. Active Technology

Most schools employ passive technology to try to combat microbes. This includes things you see like UV lights and HEPA filters. While these do have some positive effects, they definitely are not the best. Why? These standard filters are passive. Therefore, microbial contaminants must travel to the filter for it to disinfect. This is a main reason why there is an astounding amount of illness in schools. We realized this at Extreme Microbial Technologies and are now helping schools put active technology into play. Unlike passive technology, our active technology seeks out all microbial contaminants where they live and disinfects. Rather than waiting for these harmful contaminants to cause illnesses, we disarm them actively.

Saving Your School

The first step to saving your school from all the microbes floating around is reaching out to us at Extreme Microbial Technologies. We can help your school or university reduce and deactivate viruses, bacteria, molds, and odors by up to 99%. We’ll work with you to come up with different solutions to save your school and keep everyone who enters the buildings healthy. We can also work to reduce the number of microbes students bring home, helping to keep family members healthy. Additionally, certain types of funding schools receive can help pay for our equipment to keep everyone safe and healthy.

In conclusion, air quality in schools is extremely important! Don’t let your school suffer from more missed days and rampant illness. Reach out to us today at Extreme Microbial Technologies.