Ever since people linked microbial spread to specific diseases, experts have discovered several ways to control microbe growth. Minimizing microbial spread serves as a big priority for industries across the world. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we offer some valuable microbial reduction tips to prevent infections and diseases. First, though, you need to know the level of microbial presence in your location.

Level of Microbial Presence

Depending on the type of space and circumstances, the degree of microbial presence can differ. In healthcare facilities, surgical instruments that penetrate skin, bloodstream, or other parts of patients’ bodies remain highly exposed to microbes. Thus, you need to have a high sterility assurance level in their case. These instruments can include artificial pacemakers, scalpels, and hypodermic needles. The same can be said about certain parenteral pharmaceuticals.

In other environments and applications, the level of microbial presence remains low. However, it’s still important they develop and implement a microbial reduction plan.

Prioritize Sterilization

The most effective technique to control microbes is sterilization. Sterilization refers to the killing or complete removal of viruses, vegetative cells, and endospores from the targeted environment or items. This process happens through chemical means or physical means, such as exposure to pressure, heat, or filtration using the right filter.

With the active technology systems available from Extreme Microbial Technologies, you won’t have to worry about unclean air or surfaces in your workplace. We work with many different industries to solve their microbial problems. We can help with yours as well.

When you choose EMT and our active technology systems, you can rest easy knowing that harmful particles in the air and on surfaces will be taken care of. The hydrogen peroxide plasma is safe for people, plants, pets, and processes while the machines purify your space. With the best laboratory testing available, we make sure the air and surfaces in your workplace have minimal microbes present. Our proven four step process works around the clock makes sure that microbial outbreaks don’t happen. With the equipment from EMT, you won’t have to worry as much about sanitizing your space with the active technology present.

Leverage Antiseptics for Personal Hygiene

Antiseptics serve as antimicrobial substances applied to the skin or other areas of your body to reduce microbes. They eliminate microbes by stopping or slowing down their growth using chemical substances. Since they don’t harm the skin, many people use them as a method for personal hygiene.

While the aforementioned microbial reduction tips can give you a fair idea about how microbes can be killed or eliminated from your space, nothing matches the effectiveness achieved through professional cleaning. If you suspect serious microbial spread in your environment, contact Extreme Microbial Technologies for sterilization services.