Consistent microbial reduction takes time. Unless you stay on top of everything, you may find you quickly fall behind. Instead, choose a company dedicated to helping you maintain a germ-free environment. That’s where Extreme Microbial Technologies can help you. Over the years, we’ve worked to development equipment that purifies the air around you while also disinfecting and stopping germs and microbes in their tracks. Our equipment targets many different types of microbes and destroys them while keeping those around you safe. Turn to a company that offers equipment to focus on a microbial reduction plan.

Quantify and Identify

The first step in the microbial reduction plan is to come to your space to see what we’re working with. We’ve helped a variety of industries maintain low levels of microbes and can help your business. To start, our technicians come to your space and evaluate the needs of the space. Additionally, we’ll provide samples of the microbial presence in your space. That way, you can see what was in your space. You’ll see reports from before we did the initial clean and after we did the initial clean.

Combat and Reduce

The next step is to combat and reduce the microbes found in your building. If we’ve noticed a large presence of microbes, we’ll use one of our machines to stabilize the area to prevent any future outbreaks from the microbes found. Once we’ve stabilized the area, you won’t need to worry as much about any future outbreaks. However, you’ll need to stay vigilant in making sure the machines continue to do their work to prevent anything from happening in the future.

Actively Prevent

Next, we work to actively prevent any future outbreaks. This is when we’ll install our equipment on a permanent basis to maintain low levels of microbial presence. These units work in the background 24 hours a day. There’s no downtime associated with the installation, so your team can continue their work during the installation process. The ionized hydrogen peroxide gas the machines emit are completely safe for people, pets, and plants to be around, so it will always help to keep your team safe.

Monitor and Maintain

Finally, we regularly monitor the output from the machines and provide routine maintenance on the machines. You’ll receive updates on what the equipment has targeted in your space and how well it is operating. We’ll also come out on a regular basis to inspect the equipment to make sure it’s functioning properly. Additionally, we’ll send replacement cells to you every 24 months to ensure the equipment works.

Our microbial reduction plans have helped many business owners reduce the microbial presence in their offices and other commercial spaces. If you’re worried about an illness outbreak in your workplace, Extreme Microbial Technologies is here to help. Our equipment are tough on viruses, bacteria, and other germs while staying safe for people, pets, and plants to be around. If you’re interested in learning about microbial reduction for your space, request more information today.