As the end of another school year is nearing a close, you may be planning how to make next year a successful year. One of the ways to have a successful school year is by reducing the spread of germs throughout the classroom. The last year and the years coming will show why it’s important to have virus protection plans in place, especially in schools, which can have hundreds of people present each day. If you’re looking for proactive steps to keep students safe, Extreme Microbial Technologies is here to help. Our four-step process will keep your space free from microbes that harm students, teachers, and other staff members.

Decontaminate the Space

When you start with Extreme Microbial Technologies, we’ll come to you and start working on decontaminating the space. First, we’ll identify and quantify the types of microbes present in your space. Our equipment measures the amount microbes in the air and on surfaces. Next, we evaluate the needs of your space and offer recommendations based on what we find. If our initial cleaning of your space determines there’s a microbial outbreak, we’ll use our equipment to stabilize the space.

Contain the Space

Once the space has been decontaminated, we’ll get to work on containing the space to make sure there aren’t any future microbial outbreaks. To achieve this, we’ll install our equipment. The units can be standalone or go into the HVAC system. Either way provides effective microbial control. The equipment works in the background while your employees carry on with their day. Additionally, there’s no need to shut down the school for a day during the installation.

Once the machines are installed, you don’t need to think about microbes as much. You’ll receive regular reports from the machines that detail the microbes that were targeted. We’ll come out to inspect the equipment on a regular basis and send replacement cells every 24 months.

Make Handwashing a Regular Activity

There’s still ways you can protect students in the classrooms from germs and microbes. Teachers should make handwashing a regular activity in the classroom. The more they help normalize the continuous washing of hands, the more likely the students will remember to do it. Regular hand washing helps cut down on the amount of germs on students’ hands. The less germs present means they may not get as sick.

Sanitize Classrooms on a Regular Basis

Finally, you’ll want to make sure classrooms are sanitized on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to keep up with sanitizing even with our equipment working to make sure nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to your microbial reduction plans.

Before the current school year ends, make sure you have a microbe reduction plan in place for next year. When you choose Extreme Microbial Technologies you have the ability to do that. With our specialized equipment and four-step process, we’ve kept visitors to different businesses safe from a microbial outbreak and can do the same for your school? Ready to get started following these proactive steps to keep students safe? Request more information today.