One of the things you focus on as a business owner is how to keep your employees and clients safe as places begin to open up again. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we’re cognizant that many businesses are asking that very question. That’s why we have special pieces of equipment designed to help protect employees and clients. Through our four step process, we work with you to reduce the number of harmful microbes in the air and on the surfaces of your office. Below, we’ll discuss ways to protect employees and clients.

Quantify and Identify

Once you’ve purchased our equipment, we start the quantification and identification stage. During this stage, we measure the contaminants present in your office space. Our equipment measures contaminants in the air and on the surfaces of your office. This ensures near elimination when it’s time to reduce the microbes present. From there, we figure the best places to put the equipment to maximize the reduction in microbes. Next, we provide sample reports that you’ll see as the equipment begins to work. These reports include the amount of microbes killed the space. Overall, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting employees and clients.

Combat and Reduce

The second step is combat and reduce. Once our equipment is in place, it immediately starts working to cut down the number of harmful germs present in the air and on surfaces. The best part is that the machines work in the background without the need for human interaction, meaning you don’t have to shut down while the equipment works. Ultimately, with the equipment in place, you minimize the risk of an outbreak in your office from many types of harmful germs.

Actively Prevent

Thirdly, as long as the equipment is working and plugged in, you’re actively preventing any types of outbreaks. Thus, you continually protect your employees and clients from many common types of microbes, including the flu virus, strep, and pneumonia.

The equipment works in other places as well. If you want to prevent mold growth in your office’s HVAC system, we can put our equipment in the system. Mold presents serious health risks to anyone it comes in contact with, so preventing a mold outbreak will keep your employees and clients safe.

Monitor and Maintain

Finally, the machinery monitors and maintains healthy levels in your office. The machinery works around the clock to prevent an unhealthy balance of microbes in the air and on commonly touched surfaces. Also, the equipment provides you with reports of the sanitation process so you know what’s going on. We provide inspections twice a year and replace the cells of the machines every two years so you know everything stays working.

Employee and client safety should be one of the things at the forefront of your mind as you begin to reopen your office space. In order to protect employees and clients in the future, you need sanitation measures in place. With Extreme Microbial Technologies’ sanitation equipment, you’ll have piece of mind knowing your office is safe from germs that get people sick. If you need this in your office, contact Extreme Microbial Technologies now.