When it comes to keeping those around you safe from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes, you have options. You can keep cleaning and sanitizing the air and surfaces on a consistent basis. Or you can have special equipment that handles it for you. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, our equipment has immense power in purifying environments to keep people and even animals and different plants safe. With our four-step process, we’ve kept schools and universities, athletic facilities, healthcare facilities, and more safe from harmful microbes by purifying environments.

Healthcare Facilities

With the coronavirus still a major threat across the state and across the country, healthcare facilities need protected from viruses and bacteria. Our equipment is very effective at killing a different number of germs that make people sick. Keep people who come into the office safe and use the EMT equipment that drastically cuts down on microbial presence in the air and on surfaces of your healthcare facility.

Schools and Universities

Now that many schools and universities have switched to hybrid learning or online learning entirely, the decision makers have the chance to perform a deep clean of buildings to get ready for a new learning year. Our four-step process makes the cleaning easier. Our machines work in the background and run constantly to kill any microbes present while preventing a future outbreak.


Many people pass through restaurants each day. As careful as everyone is when they come to restaurants, they still may bring germs into the dining facilities. Counteract that with the help of EMT. Our four-step process reduces a large number of germs that make people sick while also making sure a future outbreak doesn’t occur.


If you have a hatchery, you know you need to take extra measures to protect newborn chicks. If they’re exposed to mold, mildew, and other forms of bacteria and mold, they may not survive. In order to increase their survival, turn to Extreme Microbial Technologies. Our four-step process targets mold, bacteria, and viruses and permanently reduces them. You’ll receive regular reports that keep you up-to-date on what types of microbes have been killed while purifying the environments.

Greenhouses and Indoor Growers

Similarly with hatcheries, if you grow produce or any other kind of plants, you want to make sure they make it out to people to purchase. But mold and mildew threatens their longevity. Our four-step process makes sure to eliminate mold, mildew, and other microbes that threaten your plants. We can install the equipment as a standalone unit or as a part of the HVAC system. Either way, you’re guaranteed microbial reduction.

Purifying environments help keeps those around you safe. It also keeps you safe when you visit other places. If you don’t have the time to consistently clean and sanitize your home or office, let Extreme Microbial Technologies help. Our equipment is scientifically-proven to reduce mold, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful germs in the air and on surfaces. If you’re interested in learning more about the equipment we use, contact us now.