As people start to go back out into public places following coronavirus lockdown measures, they want to see how places work to protect the people in the spaces. This is especially true for restaurants. Restaurant workers are in a unique position because of how much they have to keep safe. Even before the pandemic, restaurant sanitation is incredibly important. With Extreme Microbial Technologies, we have a way to increase restaurant sanitation with our equipment and practices.

Wash Hands Often

Of course, one of the easiest ways to avoid contamination is by washing your hands often. When you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, you kill any germs on your hands. For restaurant workers, washing your hands should be a regular part of your job. Depending on which area of the restaurant you work, you may have specific times during food prep when you wash your hands. And if you don’t, find ways to implement them. Washing your hands regularly cuts down on the spread of the germs and microbes.

Food Safety Practices

It’s critical that your staff knows the best food safety practices. Knowing these food safety practices helps to make sure the food you provide to people is safe for them to consume. Some of these practices include cooking all meats to their proper temperatures and working to avoid cross-contamination of food. Food poisoning cases can destroy a restaurant’s reputation. By taking the proper precautions, you can avoid the damage to your reputation. Additionally, our equipment works to prolong the life of food by eliminating the bacteria that causes food spoilage.

Sanitize All Spaces

Your restaurant probably has cleaning and sanitation protocols in place. But how often do you do them? If you do it every once and a while, those protocols aren’t as effective as they could be. Instead, purchase equipment that works around the clock to sanitize the air and surfaces around you. Our equipment works to kill many different types of germs and microbes that can make you, your employees, and those who visit your restaurant sick. The equipment starts working immediately, meaning there’s no downtime associate with the installation of the machines. You’ll receive reports every so often to find out what germs and microbes are eliminated with the help of the equipment. However, even with our equipment, you’ll want to continue regular cleanings of the spaces to maintain a clean environment.

Train Everyone on Cleaning

It shouldn’t rest on the kitchen staff to know the sanitation processes of your restaurant. Train all employees so there’s no confusion on how things run. It helps increase awareness, which leads to staff making better decisions overall.

It’s up to you keep your restaurants clean and safe. That means monitoring your employees and making sure they aren’t sick. But it also means making sure everything is properly sanitized. That’s where Extreme Microbial Technologies can help. With our restaurant sanitation solutions, we can help keep everyone in your restaurant safe. To start with your restaurant sanitation, contact Extreme Microbial Technologies now.