As schools begin to start back up in various ways, it’s important to remember the cleaning and sanitization practices are more important than ever. With the spread of the coronavirus still at a high risk, sanitation practices matter. Schools see many different people walk through buildings throughout the day. Because of that, school sanitation is something those in charge need to consider. After all, not only do they have to keep students and staff members safe from the coronavirus, they also need to keep them safe from other contagious diseases. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, our equipment has the ability to kill many different types disease-causing microbes, making it perfect for school sanitation.

The Process

We have a four-step to protect your school from many types of microbe outbreaks. First, we look at the needs of the space to see how our equipment can help. Then, we clean the environment with our machines. The machines purify the air and the surfaces nearby. This results in less germs and microbes. Next, the equipment continuously monitors and sanitizes the area, meaning germs and microbes can’t keep growing. Finally, with the equipment working 24 hours a day, you’ll receive reports that detail the amount of microbes killed. We’ll be available to perform any needed maintenance and provide replacement cells every 24 months.

What You’re Protected From

Our equipment is scientifically-proven to combat a variety of diseases that make people sick. You’ll know which germs are in your area based on the reports your machine gives you.

Firstly, our equipment is 99.93 percent effective at killing black mold. Mold affects people different, but young children are one of the age groups affected by mold exposure. Keep everyone in the building safe from mold exposure with our equipment. Secondly, our equipment is 99.8 percent effective at killing bacteria that causes MRSA, which cannot be treated with antibiotics due to antibiotic-resistance. A MRSA outbreak in your school can wreak havoc on a variety of activities your school may host. Thirdly, our equipment is 99.7 percent effective at killing listeria. Next, our equipment prevents food-borne illness-causing bacteria 99.38 percent of the time.

As for the flu virus, our equipment is 99 percent effective. If it’s a bad year for the flu, it negatively affects attendance records in the school and affects students’ performance. For regular staph infections and pneumonia, our equipment is 98.5 percent effective at killing those microbes. Our equipment is 98.1 percent effective against E. coli, one of the more common food-borne illnesses. Finally, our equipment is 96.4 percent effective at killing strep bacteria.

Overall, if you want to reduce the occurrence of many types of illnesses in your schools, our equipment can help.

School sanitation is one of the keys to keeping students healthy through the schoolyear, especially with all the health threats they may face. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we take people’s health seriously. That’s why we offer equipment to keep people around you safe. With protection from many different types of microbes, we want to help. Contact us today for more information.