Are you looking for ways to keep employees safe in the office? As the pandemic starts to hopefully wind down, you may be considering a return to the office. Even as your employees get their vaccines, the office is still at risk of holding a variety of microbes that can make people sick. That’s where Extreme Microbial Technologies can help. We offer continuous microbial protection designed to stop microbial growth in the office. If you need ways to keep employees safe, let our equipment help.


The first step in stopping microbial growth in the office is decontamination. First, we quantify and identify the types of microbes in your space. We measure total microbes in the air and on surfaces in your space, which gives us a clear picture. From there, we share the results with you and provide samplings of what we can do. Next, we move on to combat and reduce microbes. If we notice an area has a large number of microbes present, we’ll work to stabilize the area before installing our permanent equipment.


Following the initial decontamination phase, we’ll move on to containment. Once we’ve stabilized the area initially, we’ll install the permanent equipment for your space. You have two options regarding the installation of the equipment: as a standalone unit or in your HVAC unit. Both locations provide excellent microbial reduction to your space. The units provide continuous protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. As time goes on, you’ll receive regular reporting regarding the types of microbes found in your space. We also check on how the equipment operates to make sure it’s working for you. We’ll inspect the equipment on a regular basis and send replacement cells every 24 months.

Wash Hands

There’s still more you and your employees can do to help stop microbial growth in the office. You can make sure employees wash their hands regularly and sanitize their hands when they can’t wash their hands. In order to be effective, the hand sanitizer must have at least 60% alcohol as the main ingredient. Have sanitizer available in high traffic areas, such as break rooms and entryways to promote healthy habits.

Clean and Sanitize Often

The more often you clean and sanitize the office, the less likely you’ll have a microbial outbreak in the office. Get your employees to take part in the cleaning and sanitizing so it doesn’t fall on one person’s shoulders. Our units are highly effective at killing viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and VOC’s. But, the more you clean and sanitize, the more you’re helping stop microbial growth in the office.

To keep employees safe, you need continuous microbial protection. With the help of our equipment and the diligence of your employees, you can stop microbial growth in the office. At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we’ve worked to help offices and different commercial spaces across the country maintain a microbe-free environment. Ready to see the difference of less microbes in your office? Request more information today.