When it comes to keeping those around you safe from viruses, bacteria, mold, and other microbes that make people sick, you’ll do anything. One of the best things you can do is contact Extreme Microbial Technologies. We have the best equipment available to reduce the presence of microbes in your space. As a company, we’ve worked with many different industries and businesses across the country to reduce microbes in their space and make it safe for employees and visitors. If you’re looking for continuous protection from microbes, we are here to help. We’ve compiled three reasons that make our microbial reduction services the best.

Our Equipment Always Works

When you choose Extreme Microbial Technologies, you know our equipment always works. You also have two options when it comes to the installation of our equipment. The machines can go in your HVAC system or works as a standalone machine. Both spaces provide high levels of microbial reduction and works to protect people in your space. With our equipment, you don’t have to worry about the installation interrupting the workday. We can install the machines at any time of the day. The ionized hydrogen peroxide gas the machines emit are safe for people, plants, and pets to be around on a regular basis.

Our Processes are Proven and Patented

The way our machines work have been proven time and time again. Our four-step process clearly spells out how the machines provide data on the types of microbes found in your space. Additionally, it details the microbial reduction. We’ve done the research and testing from universities on what our machines protect you from and know they help in consistent microbial reduction. The machines work around the clock to make sure you, your employees, and any visitors are protected from a variety of harmful microbes. We work with you to keep your space free from any type of microbial outbreak that could threaten the workplace.

We Provide Peace of Mind

Having a large number of employees out because of an illness outbreak in your space isn’t good for business. It lowers work output and negatively impacts your business as a whole. But when you choose us as a component of your office cleaning plan, you cut down on a microbial outbreak in your office. Overall, that can give you peace of mind. Our equipment works around the clock 24/7 to reduce different types of microbes from your space. Through this, it creates a positive, microbe-free environment for your employees to work in and not get sick.

To protect employees and visitors to have protection against lingering microbes, Extreme Microbial Technologies is here to help. With our microbial reduction services in place, you make your space safer without having to do much extra work. We want to help different businesses across a variety of industries maintain a microbe reduced space. If you want to see what Extreme Microbial Solutions can do for your space, request more information today. We’re ready to disinfect your space.