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The Hospitality Difference

Best Air & Surface Purifier For Your Guests

  • We believe in simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring that your hospitality space maintains superior air quality seamlessly

  • From guest rooms to common areas, our solutions cater to your specific needs, ensuring a safe and inviting space for all

  • Our units are customizable and adaptable to any environments within your hotel

Why Choose Us


Energized Hydrogen Peroxide (EHP) breaks down into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2), leaving no harmful chemical residue in your rooms, common areas, or lobby.

24/7 Coverage:

Whether our standard units are discreetly mounted within your facility or strategically placed for optimal coverage, they provide round-the-clock, chemical-free protection.

Safe for Everyone:

Energized Hydrogen Peroxide affords safety to your guests, if it's for an extended stay or a brief weekend, let your guests relax knowing they are safe from all pathogens.

Always On. Always Protecting.

Each unit can be easily mounted on the wall, ceiling, or HVAC of any room

Our Units Make a Difference



Designed to easily integrate with an existing Heating & Air Conditioning system. Engineered for use in virtually any environment. Actively distributes Energized Hydrogen Peroxide into the air and onto surfaces to reduce bacteria, viruses, molds, mildew, fungi, VOC’s (which cause odors) and other contaminants. Silent operation — simple to install, and it starts working immediately. Available in a variety of sizes to fit any need.



Designed for use in both residential and commercial facilities to dramatically reduce mold, mildew, fungus, VOC’s and a host of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. An easy and effective solution for healthcare facilities, storage facilities, offices, clinics, schools as well as restaurant kitchens and more. Units simply plug into standard outlets to start working immediately.