Designed for the Healthcare Sector

Prevent the Spread of Air & Surface Contaminants in Healthcare Facilities with Continuous Purification Technology

The Medical Sector Difference For Your Employee's & Patients

Why Choose Us


By effectively eliminating germs and bacteria, it helps reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections, protecting both patients and healthcare workers in a hospital setting


Our product reduces the particles and pathogens within the air, giving your team and patients cleaner air during their time in the hospital

How it disinfects:

Eliminates a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and spores. It does so by damaging the DNA, preventing their ability to reproduce and survive

Always On. Always Protecting.

Each unit can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling of any facility

Our Units Make a Difference



Designed for use in both residential and commercial facilities to dramatically reduce mold, mildew, fungus, VOC’s and a host of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. An easy and effective solution for healthcare facilities, storage facilities, offices, clinics, schools as well as restaurant kitchens and more. Units simply plug into standard outlets to start working immediately.



Designed and engineered for a variety of industrial and commercial applications including production facilities, warehouse, large office spaces, athletic facilities, food production facilities, and more. MAK-TWIN™ units provide a safe and effective three-stage solution for the reduction of bacteria, viruses (including Covid-19 and H1N1), molds, fungi, mildew and VOCs (which cause odors). Each MAK-TWIN™ features a pre-filter, a main filter, and two MAK cells which flood the area with effective and powerful Energized Hydrogen Peroxide to reduce the populations of harmful microbial contaminants in the air and on surfaces where they live by up to 99.9%