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Linda S

"I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how incredibly happy we are with the Extreme Microbial installation in our Santa Barbara house. We arrived back in town at the end of December, and I am so happy to report that I have been thrilled with the effectiveness of the system.

Sleep is better. Mood is better. Allergies are better. It is simply a pleasure being in a home that feels good in every way. Thank you for your recommendation and thanks for all your research to come up with the best possible solution! Thank you for making everything so easy!"

Henry V

"We have installed the MAK Wall Units in all sleeping quarters onboard. Since doing so, we’ve noticed that the amount of people getting sick (Such as flu like symptoms) has nearly gone away. Keep in mind we are a factory trawler where all the spaces are small and normally when the first person starts showing symptoms it is not long before the illness (Cold/Flu) spreads through the entire crew of 135 people. Then the illness never seemed to go away. Currently, after the units were installed, we now see maybe one or two people with symptoms for just a couple days without it spreading through the crew. We also have installed the units in common gathering areas as well as areas where smoking is permitted. We’ve noticed the units have helped control the smell from the smoke and other odors. We are very happy with the results of installing this technology on the ship.

Lisa N.

"I am definitely a skeptic when it comes to health cures but in trying to regain my health after mold, I’m willing to try new things. After remediating the house, changing my diet, detoxing, and continued treatment by a mold literate practitioner, I was still having morning stiffness and fibromyalgialike pain in my muscles and ligaments around my knees. In addition, I would wake up tired and grouchy. I would spend an hour every morning stretching to be able to limber up. After using the MAK loaner for ONE NIGHT my morning stiffness and fibromyalgia disappeared. I jumped out of bed with energy, joy, and flexibility. Oh, and I couldn’t stop dancing. I still have some osteoarthritis, but the stiffness and tightness in the muscles are gone. I am also sleeping better and waking up rested. Even my husband noticed a difference, and he’s more of a skeptic than I am. The MAK has also seemed to help my teenage daughter. She had really low energy and high anxiety. Her anxiety seems to be less and she is smiling again. I only wish we had found it sooner."

Robert F

"I had the pleasure to run a validation study with the EMT MAK technology to determine its efficacy in reducing the concentration of airborne microbials, including known plant pathogens, at my Controlled Environment Agriculture facility. The technology was effective in reducing the number of airborne microbials that are known to cause yield reduction during the growth cycle and that can cause a rejected compliance test. Although I cannot say the same for other air purification systems, I can say that the EMT MAK technology neutralizes airborne plant pathogens and other microbials. Sincerely,"