Makes the invisible visible, by identifying the location of biofilms, mold, bacteria and many other contaminants.

This device makes your sanitation practices more effective and efficient


A fully portable light source utilizing various wavebands that allows for visual inspection and detection of bacteria and biofilms in food manufacturing and processing plants

These heavy duty professional lights are designed to display a small number of narrow waveband light in long wave frequencies


Research has shown that biofilms can often be a source of contamination in food processing environments.

Many times, there is a contamination in an area such as vessel walls, cutting wheels, work surfaces, floor drains, etc., but it may not be clear where it is coming from.

The high intensity radiation emitted from a Bactiscan™ unit enables the operator to view large areas at a distance, for instance looking at contamination at the top of a tank while standing at the bottom. This radiation is a safe and natural component of the electromagnetic spectrum with high energy levels and wavelengths.

Each Bactiscan™ unit features a unique wavelength alternating system so that you are able to view bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli and others by seeing the proteins fluoresce in front of your eyes.