As offices slowly begin to re-open, the one thing on everyone’s mind is how to keep employees safe. Of course, regular cleaning and sanitation will help cut down on the spread of germs in the office. But that requires consistently cleaning. What if there was a system that provided continuous protection? At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we have the solution. Our commercial air purification system will work in the background of your office and make sure to eliminate a host of microbes that make you sick.

How It Works

Our proven four-step system reduces the presence of microbes in the air and on surfaces around you. First, we measure the total microbes present in the air and on surfaces. Then, we clean your office with our equipment to stabilize it and prevent a future outbreak. Next, we install our devices in the office. You can choose a freestanding device or one that goes in your HVAC system. Both systems ensure that your office is protected. The equipment works around the clock and provides you with detailed reports every so often. Finally, we send you replacement cells every two years and regularly inspect the equipment.

Is It Safe?

All of our equipment is completely safe for people to be around. It’s even safe for plants that may be in your office. They emit ionized hydrogen peroxide gas, which has a similar chemical make-up to water. It also is self-regulating, so you won’t have to worry about too much hydrogen peroxide gas in the air around you.

Additionally, a lot of our equipment protects against mold growth. Because our equipment uses the hydrogen peroxide gas, it’s much more effective against killing mold than ozone. The gas output on our machines have the ability to reach the hardest to reach places, including cracks and crevices to kill microbes and mold that may be growing.

What You’re Protected Against

Your office is full of germs and microbes. The amount of microbes continues to increase with the more people you have in your office. You need a comprehensive plan for commercial air purification that cuts down on germs and microbes that make your employees sick.

Firstly, our equipment is 99.93 percent effective at killing black mold. Certain types of mold in your office present a serious risk to employees. Secondly, our equipment is 99.8 percent effective at killing bacteria that causes MRSA, which cannot be treated with antibiotics due to antibiotic-resistance. As for the flu virus, our equipment is 99 percent effective. For regular staph infections and pneumonia, our equipment is 98.5 percent effective at killing those microbes. Finally, our equipment is 96.4 percent effective at killing strep bacteria.

You want to keep your employees safe as you go back to the office. With our commercial air purification systems, you can take one step to keep everyone safe from germs. With flu season right around the corner, you want to make sure everyone stays healthy. Our technology cuts down on a variety of different microbes that make people sick. Ready to learn more information or install equipment in your office? Contact us now.