Commercial Boats and Ships

Microbial Area Kleaners Can Help Protect Crews On Board

At Extreme Microbial Technologies, we provide better ways
to protect crew member health by reducing viruses, bacteria, molds, and VOCs.

Viruses, bacteria, molds, and other contaminants find ideal conditions to multiply, causing respiratory and other problems for crew members in tight living conditions such as commercial fishing boats and various ships.

Our advanced MAK technology is recognized as a gamechanger for its ACTIVE approach. Unlike traditional passive technology, MAK’s use of hydrogen peroxide plasma makes it cutting-edge. These systems require very little routine maintenance and are customizable for any size indoor environment.

Filters and ultraviolet light are old-school technologies; these passive solutions require the microbes to find their way to the technology, instead of the other way around. Standard HEPA filters and UV systems can only trap or kill the microbes that encounter the filter material or the light waves emanating from the bulb in the ductwork. Even then, many microbes are too small to be trapped and pass through, or they are moving so quickly the UV light does not have time to adequately expose the organism to the harmful UV rays. Our ACTIVE technology seeks out and combats pathogens in the air, on and under surfaces 24/7.

The hydrogen peroxide plasma our MAK units produce is entirely safe for people, pets, and plants.

EMT provides non-toxic, chemical free, active and continuous purification solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

We sample real time and identify the levels of contaminants within your indoor environments.

We install our purification devices to provide 24 hour, 365 day protection.

Our technology cleans the total environment without production down time.

We treat all reachable and unreachable surfaces – anywhere that air flows – even through walls.

We periodically re-sample the environment for contaminants and share the reports with you.

A Solution that Works

Unseen pathogens and contaminants cause unacceptable illnesses and financial losses.

Our 4-step Total Solution will identify what the real issues are and then correct the underlying conditions.

We are dedicated to finding the right solution for each of our clients and helping them increase their bottom line.

MAK-5™ / MAK-9™

Designed for use in both residential and commercial facilities to dramatically reduce mold, mildew, fungus, VOC’s and a host of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. An easy and effective solution for healthcare facilities, storage facilities, offices, clinics, schools as well as restaurant kitchens and more. Units simply plug into standard outlets to start working immediately.


Designed and engineered for a variety of industrial and commercial applications including production facilities, warehouse, large office spaces, athletic facilities, food production facilities, and more. MAK-TWIN™ units provide a safe and effective three-stage solution for the reduction of bacteria, viruses (including Covid-19 and H1N1), molds, fungi, mildew and VOCs (which cause odors). Each MAK-TWIN™ features a pre-filter, a main filter, and two MAK cells which flood the area with effective and powerful Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma to reduce the populations of harmful microbial contaminants in the air and on surfaces where they live by up to 99.9%.