You try to do everything you can to prevent mold in your commercial building. However, despite your best efforts, mold still forms in the building. So, you have had your suspicious and now you have finally realized that you have a commercial mold issue that requires the immediate attention of a professional mold removal company.  Here’s what you should do immediately when commercial mold problems arise.

Consult the Professionals

Upon finding black mold, immediately consult a professional mold removal company to determine how harmful the situation may be and the potential seriousness of the health issues that may occur. Some health issues include sneezing, runny nose, and skin rashes.

Removing Mold on Your Own

Do not disrupt the mold by trying to remove it without the professional knowledge to do so. While you have the right intentions of getting rid of mold, you need a professional to remove it. If it isn’t properly handled, you may unintentionally spread the mold.

Touching Mold

Never touch the mold with your skin. As we’ve already stated, mold causes skin irritations, especially if you already have allergies or are immunocompromised. Even if you don’t have these health problems, you still shouldn’t touch mold with your skin. If you touch mold, you’ll notice rashes on your skin. Additionally, always have anyone coming in contact with the mold use a respirator. Mold causes problems people can see, like skin rashes and eye irritation. However, mold also causes problems with your bodily systems. If mold enters your respiratory system, your breathing is majorly affected. Wearing the respirator prevents any breathing issues from exposure to mold.

Your Next Steps

First, you need to have a professional inspection. This inspection identifies where the mold is. Also, this identifies the extent of the mold growth. Both are important when planning the best way to eliminate the mold.

Next, they’ll assess the damage that has occurred. From there, you’ll need to consult with a commercial mold removal company for best mold removal plan. That company should tailor a plan to fit your needs.

Also, you’ll want to turn off HVAC systems to prevent further spread of mold spores. Your HVAC system moves air and heat around your commercial building. If mold entered your HVAC system, it makes mold spread more, creating a bigger problem when treating the mold.

Finally, we recommend conducting a mold remediation plan that includes:

  • Finding and fixing the water source
  • Keeping building occupants informed of the issue, the process being taken, and any safety steps they need to follow
  • Hire a professional mold removal company that will provide you with a proven and all-encompassing commercial mold solution that includes can inspect, clean, monitor, and provide future preventative maintenance so they problem is truly resolved.
  • Routinely do self-assessments of the facility and follow the direction of the professionals.

No one wants commercial mold problems. Should your office have a mold problem, you have options to rid the office of mold. To start, contact Extreme Microbial Technologies to help. With our proven results, we get rid of mold and other microbes permanently. Call us now to start.