Decontamination and Containment

Decontamination and containment is crucial for your business. Product contamination from germs quickly makes your products unsaleable. It may even force you to stop production activities.

However, Extreme Microbial Technologies has the expertise, technology and experience to reduce microbial levels up to 99.9%. Additionally, while this process happens, everything on your side of your business continues to operate.

Our MAK (Microbial Area Kleaner) units continuously produce effective active hydrogen peroxide plasma. The plasma contacts various microbial contaminants in the environment and renders them inactive. Therefore, MAK aids in the decontamination and containment process.

Typical vapor drops like rain. On the other hand, our plasma based solution reaches all around and under equipment throughout the treated areas.

Additionally, our environmentally safe process leaves no chemical residuals behind by simply breaking down into water and oxygen molecules.

Containment Services

We can isolate specific areas by erecting temporary plastic walls and maintain negative pressures to ensure contaminants do not migrate to other areas.

This is especially helpful during remodeling or equipment/drain removal, relocation or installation.

Meet MAK™

MAK™ – Microbial Area Kleaner


  • MAK has been designed to clean your entire indoor space and comes in two sizes.
  • Each MAK features high speed fans with specialized 5-stage HEPA filters. Additionally, each MAK carries an array of specially designed internal cells to flood the air with safe and effective hydrogen peroxide plasma to attack germs in the air and on surfaces throughout the spaces.
  • MAK reduces microbes by up to 99%
  • Essentially, MAK is a microbe’s worst nightmare.
  • Safe. Fast. Easy. Effective.