Microbial Detection Equipment

Measure and Monitor Contaminant Levels with Microbial Detection Equipment

BAMS (Bio-Aerosol Monitoring System)

  • The only truly portable immediate microbial detection equipment available
  • This machine detects microbial and inert particles in the surrounding environment in real-time. Also, BAMS enables wide use across many industries. Industries helped include food & drink processing, meat packing & processing, dairy processing, bakeries, biopharmaceuticals, medicine & health, electronics, optics and aerospace.
  • BAMS can also be utilized in residential buildings, government buildings and offices, educational facilities, growing facilities as well as athletic facilities. Turn to this form of microbial detection equipment.

Originally developed for use in pharmaceutical and electronics clean rooms, we use BAMS for indoor air quality monitoring, contaminant source tracking and contaminant trend analysis.

BAMS combines a certified ISO particle detector within an efficient user friendly design. It weighs just 20 lbs. with an eight-inch touch screen and has both an AC adapter and built in battery making it the only truly portable microbial monitor that can be carried by hand.

A True Time Saver

BAMS provides real-time feedback of air quality by monitoring microbial and inert particles and can be used 24/7 if desired. BAMS enables users to make timely measurements without the traditional training method and consumables, significantly reducing test times.

BAMS vs Standard Testing Methods:

BAMS Standard Methods
Continuously monitors Samples collected 2-3x per shift
Immediate, real-time results Samples cultured in 2-7 days
On-screen microbe presence/count Read plates with microscopes
On-Screen microbe sizes in microns Manual count/estimate of CFUs
No consumables Expensive/wasteful consumables
Low effort Labor intensive
If contamination confirmed: If contamination confirmed:
*Stop line immediately *Line shut down is delayed
*Determine the cause, fix quickly *Cause uncertain due to delay
*Minimal Scrapped Product *May scrap all production


Say hello to the newest generation of microbial detection and identification equipment. SignaCulture™ detects airborne microbes continuously in real time without reagents or human interaction. SignaCulture™ units transmit microbial data to the Cloud for accessibility by mobile phone or computer.

  • Collects samples and prepares them for identification.
  • A handheld PCR (polymerase chase reaction) device identifies microbes including Covid-19 in less than an hour.
  • Latest technology with internal LED light source and dual fluorescent detectors.
  • Pre-installed microbial library for identification including Covid-19.
  • Machine learning Microbial Identification (SignaCulture learns and adds new microbial signatures to its “memory”)



  • A fully portable light source utilizing various wavebands that allows for visual inspection and detection of bacteria and biofilms in food manufacturing and processing plants.
  • Bactiscan™ can identify the location of biofilms, mold, bacteria and many other contaminants and make the remediation job easier.
  • These heavy duty professional lights are designed to display a small number of narrow waveband light in long wave frequencies.

Finally, a way to “see” bacteria and biofilms on surfaces.

Research has shown that biofilms can often be a source of contamination in food processing environments.

Many times there is a contamination in an area such as vessel walls, cutting wheels, work surfaces, floor drains, etc., but it may not be clear where it is coming from.

The high intensity radiation emitted from a Bactiscan™ unit enables the operator to view large areas at a distance, for instance looking at contamination at the top of a tank while standing at the bottom. This radiation is a safe and natural component of the electromagnetic spectrum with high energy levels and wavelengths.

Each Bactiscan™ unit features a unique wavelength alternating system so that you are able to view bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli and others by seeing the proteins fluoresce in front of your eyes.

Bactiscan on heat exchanger

E. coli fluorescing on the surface of a pipe