As your office begins to re-open, you may wonder what’s appropriate cleaning. You know you need to clean the office but aren’t sure about how often you need to do it. With Extreme Microbial Technologies, we can help take one of the main cleaning questions off your plate. With our equipment, you know you get constant monitoring of microbe levels in your office. Below, we’ll go over why your office cleaning protocols need to include our different types of machines to help in your cleaning.

Our Process

When you choose our machines, you know you’ll have less microbes present in your work environment. We have a four-step process that leads to germ and microbial reduction in your office. Our equipment kills specific types of viruses and other microbes on a regular basis.

First, we come to your workplace and do an initial measurement of the total pathogens in the area. We’re able to measure microbes that are in the air and on surfaces. It’s important to measure both so there’s no confusion about the total number of microbes found in your office. Then, we start the first part of the purification process. We use our equipment to purify the air and surfaces. It also provides data you can see without causing your employees to stop working.

Once you’ve received the initial report, we move forward with the second part of the purification. We install a standalone unit or a unit in your HVAC system. Either of the locations work to cut down on the microbes present in your office.

Finally, the machines continually work in the background of your office to kill any germs and microbes present. You’ll receive reports from the machines documenting the microbes in the area. You just need to let the machines do their work while you and your employees do the same. We come out to inspect the equipment on a semi-annual basis and send replacement cells every two years.

What You’re Protected Against

With our equipment, you and your employees are protected against a significant amount of germs that make your office sick. When people in the office are sick, it affects productivity. Firstly, our equipment is 99.93 percent effective at killing black mold. Certain types of mold in your office present a serious risk to employees. Secondly, our equipment is 99.8 percent effective at killing bacteria that causes MRSA, which cannot be treated with antibiotics due to antibiotic-resistance. As for the flu virus, our equipment is 99 percent effective. For regular staph infections and pneumonia, our equipment is 98.5 percent effective at killing those microbes. Finally, our equipment is 96.4 percent effective at killing strep bacteria.

Your office cleaning protocols may have changed since the start of the pandemic. If you’re looking to establish better cleaning protocols in your office, turn to Extreme Microbial Technologies. Our proven technology will make sure your office has less microbial presence on a consistent basis. If you want to know how our machines will fit in your office, contact us now.