Microbial Reduction

EMT’s proprietary and active Total Air and Surface Purification Solutions can reduce the concentrations of microbes (i.e., molds, bacteria, and viruses) in the air and on surfaces by 99% or more.

First, specific wavelengths of energy bounce off and through a specially coated matrix catalyst.

This matrix and energy combines with the moisture and oxygen in the air to create Active Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma.

This Active Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma seeks out and attack microbes throughout the treated space, cleansing the area.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide
Plasma Safe?

Simply put, yes.
Our cells emit less than 1/12th of OSHA safe limits. Plus:

Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma is like water in structure.


It kills mold 50 times faster than Ozone.


Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma is self-regulating. Therefore, the levels simply cannot climb too high.

It only attacks the contaminants and microbes in indoor environments.

SAFE for people, pets and plants. No negative effects on you, your staff or your customers.

It diffuses into every crack and crevice to eliminate microbes where they live.


Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma simply breaks back down into harmless oxygen and water vapor over time.

Gas & Ion Levels

OSHA Limits

EU Limits

COSHH Limits

EMT Concentrations

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

1.0 ppm

1.0 ppm

2.0 ppm

.03 ppm

Positive/Negative Ions





Active Technology Always Beats Passive.

Our ACTIVE Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma SEEKS out microbial contaminants (molds, bacteria, and viruses) where they live and multiply, waiting to infect you, your family, your customers, and your products. We go to the source and reduce microbes on contact.

Filters and UV are old school technologies.

Passive technologies require the microbes to find their way to the technology instead of taking the battle to the microbe. Old school HEPA filters or UV systems can only trap or kill the microbes that encounter the filter material or the light waves emanating from the bulb up in your ductwork. Even then, many microbes are too small to be trapped and pass through or are moving so quickly the UV light does not have time to adequately expose the organism to the harmful UV rays.


We all live in the real world;
So that means air and surface purification systems need to be tested in the “Real-world”.

Extreme Microbial Technologies (EMT) develops technologies and solutions to reduce or eliminate harmful germs within all indoor environments and our NON-TOXIC technology has been proven to reduce and deactivate viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, molds, and odors by up to 99.9%.

These solutions are Third party accredited and University tested in “Real-world” situations. Unlike our competition, these test results represent real-world conditions and are not executed in a box or hooded chamber, but rather in an actual room. For example our MAK-9 was tested in an office Area (1,137 cubic ft.) and a lab area (1,146 cubic ft.) All premises from which key activities were tested and performed for over 24 hours fulfilled the requirements of the ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY Laboratory Accreditation Program.

Our technology runs 24/7

To reduce mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, VOCs and odors – both airborne and on surfaces by up to 99%. Additionally, our air purification technology does it thirteen times faster than even the best oxidizers.