Restaurants and Food

It’s safe to be seated!

With Extreme Microbial Technologies systems in place, you can trust your facility is protected against viruses, bacteria, and molds.

The MAK (Microbial Area Kleaner) distributes Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma that reduces viruses, molds, and bacteria up to 99.9%. An all-natural oxidizer, that’s chemical-free and safe for people, animals, and plants.

Our ACTIVE Technology products seek out the contaminants providing a continuous stream of protection that eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air and on and under surfaces. Our systems continually manage these contaminates as they’re reintroduced into space, and eliminate them.

PASSIVE technology such as chemical disinfecting sprays, HEPA filters, and UV lights are less effective and do not provide ongoing protection. Some virus particles are so small they go undetected and pass right through passive filters, such as HEPA. With UV lights the viruses and contaminants must be directly in front of the UV light for a specific amount of time. Chemical sprays disinfect for the moment – until the contaminant is reintroduced.