Are you considering re-opening your office? Hopefully, the prevalence of COVID-19 is starting to fade, making it seem more likely that offices can start to safely re-open. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, before you reopen the office, you should have a plan in place. The steps to reopen the office must include a virus protection plan. When you choose Extreme Microbial Technologies to handle your virus protection plan, you get a company that is dedicated to keeping employees safe from viruses, bacteria, and more. Choose EMT to help with the steps to reopen the office.

Make Sure the Office is Ready

It may have been close to a year since you were last in the office. Make sure that your office is ready for people to come back. Check for any mold, water damage, or other nuisances that may have taken hold of your office in the last year. Additionally, make sure you don’t have any standing water and that water from sinks and other water-producing items are safe after not using them for a year.

Adjust Seating for Proper Distancing

The CDC still recommends social distancing protocols. You’ll want to find a way to spread out the desks in your office that keeps everyone at least six feet apart. Also, you’ll want to consider how to space out any common spaces that many employees share, including the break room and lobby. With break rooms and lobbies, you should institute policies that limit the amount of people in those spaces at one time.

Develop Your Office Virus Protection Plan

This is where EMT can step in and help reopen the office. We want to help you prepare to open your office in a safe manor. We have specialized equipment that helps stabilize your environment from any potential microbial outbreaks. Our four step plan performs an inspection of your space, provides regular reports of microbes found in the your space, and documents that microbial reduction.

Have Masks Available for Employees

The CDC still recommends wearing masks unless everyone has their vaccine. To promote wearing masks in the workplace, you’ll want to provide cloth masks for you and your employees to wear. Even with social distancing in place, everyone will still want to wear masks to cut down on any risk of spreading germs.

Minimize Visitors to the Office

Finally, you’ll want to minimize visitors to the office. This includes making sure employees don’t arrive all at the same time. The less people in the office, the smaller the chance of spreading germs from person to person.

The steps to reopen the office guide is designed to help you open your office safely. When you have a virus protection plan in place, it will make your employees feel safe about entering the office again. With Extreme Microbial Technologies on your side, we are ready to help combat microbial outbreaks in your office. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help with virus protection plans, request more information today.